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Ballet Patrick Dupond and Leïla Da Rocha


The Ballet Patrick Dupond and Leïla Da Rocha was founded by Leïla Da Rocha, International Choreographer and her prestigious ambassador the “Etoile” Patrick Dupond.
Ballet Meika for Alvin Ailey by Leïla Da Rocha Performers Courtney Spears and Khalia Campbell.


Ballet Patrick Dupond and Leïla Da Rocha

Our values

Between Leïla Da Rocha and Patrick Dupond there was more than a saving encounter or a fusion of artistic talents: it was the quintessential love story. Love of life, Love of art, Love of people and their ability to create beauty and give the best of themselves to the audience.

After a terrible accident that almost cost him his life, Patrick Dupond was convinced that he would never be able to dance again. The very essence of his life seemed to be leaving him, but fate put Leïla on his path. A former basketball champion, she had also been injured in an accident which forced her to put an end to her career.

Leïla found her bearings through her passion for dance and thus retaught her bruised body how to move. She transmitted her newly acquired strength and energy to Patrick. Ever since, they travelled together on a journey combining the “Etoile”’s classical elegance with the Choreographer’s multicultural richness.

From their encounter sprung values ​of full artistic maturity: Patrick and Leïla naturally integrated in their works purity, truth, fusion of cultures and genres, spirituality and surpassing oneself.

It was as if the meeting of these two seemingly opposed icons had taken place to show the world that we can live in peace and in love, by embracing our differences. It is in this spirit that, on the strength of their respective careers of world renown, Leïla decided to work on a major project: "Dance for a cause", in cooperation with the United Nations. This project brought together artists from different artistic and cultural backgrounds. They chose to carry out this project in Bordeaux, a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and a French regional metropolis with a long-standing tradition of openness to the world.

The objective is to make the whole world aware of the issues of Human Rights, freedom and peace by performing in symbolic places and significant events in order to bring together heads of state and senior officials and deliver powerful messages.

The idea is to use art so as to obtain general support by combining positive emotions and political debates to change the world… This type of event is innovative and conceptual. It proposes a new style of inclusive writing combining the various talents of outstanding visual artists, composers, architects and performers in the service of humanity, a philosophy entirely approved by Mr. Ban Ki Moon, who supports the work of Mrs. Da Rocha.

"I create so that a show may remain an unforgettable, indelible and memorable living space, because art is the praise of simplicity", Leïla Da Rocha.
The first show marked the start of a world tour. Ever since, this company, unique in its kind, has aimed to address the emergencies of this World with an artistic response.

The mission

Let art carry our messages.


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